Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Through our online giving platform via credit card, mobile pay, or bank transfer
  • Stock or Wire: For instructions on how to send gifts of stock and wire transfers please contact the Philanthropy team at or 802-388-3355 opt. 5.
  • Donor Advised Fund: Make a donation through your VCF donor advised fund through your DonorCentral account
  • Check: VT Flood Response & Recovery Fund at the Vermont Community Foundation, 3 Court Street Middlebury, VT 05753
  • You can read our full strategy for the fund here.
  • Right now, the VCF is coordinating with federal, state, and local partners to figure out where the need is greatest and how philanthropy can fill the gaps in network resources.
  • At the highest level, the VT Flood Response and Recovery Fund will support emergency needs, families, farms, main street businesses, and communities that were affected across the state.
  • Grants will focus initially on emergency needs and will address longer-term recovery needs in later phases.
  • Currently we are not hosting a formal application process for the VT Flood Response & Recovery Fund but are recording multiple inquiries. Contact the Grants & Community Impact team at or 802-388-3355 opt. 6 so that we may be aware of your specific needs. Additional nonprofit resources are listed in another FAQ below.
  • You can read the full list of grantees here.

To support a recovery that positions our people, places, and economy for the future, the fund will support and invest in the following areas:

  • Farm Recovery
  • Housing & Shelter
  • Main Street Recovery
  • Mental Health
  • Watershed Resilience

Making sure that dollars from the Fund go out to assist those most in need is of prime concern. The Community Foundation is drawing on our extensive network of key partners and nonprofit organizations at all levels- state, regional, and local- both to understand the needs of these communities and to move the funding out to them. Especially in challenging times like these, we greatly value all of the Vermont organizations that have intentionally built the trusted relationships needed to meaningfully serve vulnerable communities and traditionally marginalized groups in all parts of the state.

Please visit our Resources for Nonprofits page.

Please visit our Resources for Businesses page.

Please visit our Resources for Individuals page.

Building on previous disaster relief grantmaking work, Hurricane Irene and the COVID-19 pandemic as two recent examples, the Community Foundation is well-positioned to respond to the current needs of Vermonters in crisis. The Foundation is actively making grants to trusted partners and organizations that have a proven track record of making sure the money is used as intended—the majority of these organizations are long-standing partners of the VCF. While some of the grantees are new nonprofits and funds, set up specifically to respond to this crisis, organizers include partners that we have worked with in the past. In normal circumstances there are often requirements to report back to the Foundation to confirm the grant funds were spent as intended. However, in times like these, to not add undue stress to the nonprofit staff that is working feverishly to help those in urgent need, we waive the reporting requirements so they can spend more time focusing on the good work they are doing. That’s all to say, the VCF continues to be in contact with dozens of nonprofit organizations and municipalities each week to understand both needs and how grant funding can best be put to use.