Responding to Irene

After Irene: Vermont Thanks You

About the Video

Long before the floodwater receded, people started donating their time, money, and other resources. These folks, along with nonprofits, government agencies, businesses, and emergency management specialists, have worked tirelessly since the storm to get communities back up and running. Now it is time to say thank you. This video is a thank you card on behalf of Vermont to all those who have helped with Irene recovery. Our hope is that everyone who contributed in some way sees this message and knows how grateful we are. You can help us spread the message by posting, tweeting, and emailing the video to your networks. Watch the short video profiles below to hear more from the people we interviewed.  

Aaron Locker, Warren

"Basically we’ll have to do more with less."

Rebecca Ellis, Waterbury

"We’ve had to set up the structures to help us deal with a major disaster like Irene."

Bob & Beth Kennett, Rochester

"The amazing thing about the impact of Irene is the overwhelming kindness and generosity—the sharing and that real sense of community."

Chris Tyson, Wilmington

"It’s easy to get really discouraged about the state of the human race. But with something like this, it makes you realize, people are basically good."

Jill Cobb, Wilmington

"You come here and actually see what happened—it’s like, how can you not help?"

Sandy Gaffney, Berlin

"It goes beyond losing my home. It goes beyond losing my income. [The flood] makes my world a bigger place […] and has filled it with people who are outwardly caring and loving and kind."

Sara Kobylenski, Upper Valley Haven

"We have the opportunity to capture and keep and build on the thing that this natural disaster brought forward in our state."

Adam Palmiter, Wilmington

"I saw 1,000 people at this gymnasium up in Dover with question marks on their faces because they didn’t know what to do."

Todd Bailey, Montpelier

"Vermont Irene Flood Relief grants have allowed businesses to go from not being open to being open."

Tammy Salls, West Hartford

"He handed me $400…he drove all the way from Florida. Came to my town and did that.."

Lisa Sullivan, Wilmington

"Long term there are a lot of questions about how communities that have been affected are going to move forward."

Dawn & Al Carbonneau, West Hartford

"It's hard not to pick on each other as you're going through this. We are hopefully going to come out of this better: appreciating each other, what we had, and what we have."

Corey Hackett, Waterbury

"They just stepped out of the car with some tool bags and asked 'What can we do?'"

David Coates, Long Term Disaster Recovery Group Chair

"There are still Vermonters that are in great need, not only to rebuild their homes, but to rebuild their lives."


We would like to sincerely thank all those who shared storm footage with us and took time out of their busy schedules to participate in interviews and reflect on their experiences with Irene. And a special thanks to Retro Motion Media for their superb work on this project.